Psychiatric Research and Practice

I have long been interested in questions related to how knowledge is produced, and ought to be produced, in the field of psychiatry. I am currently examining the application of feminist standpoint theory to the field of psychiatry, asking whether lived experience can underlie the potential for a unique epistemic advantage within psychiatric research. A related project explores how participatory research in psychiatry should be shaped by the field's unique history, its reliance on subjectivity, and the nature of disagreement within the field. 


I have also been involved in several qualitative research projects in psychiatry. Two projects I am currently involved include an investigation of the experiences of participants and family members in the community-based mental health program, Parachute, and an exploration of the themes of identity and wellbeing among youth participating in the coordinated care program OnTrackNY.

Representative Papers:


Recent/ Forthcoming Papers:


Recent/ Upcoming Talks:

  • “Participatory Research in Psychiatry: Unpacking Ethical and Epistemic Justifications” (May, 2019) at the Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry, San Francisco 

  • “Parachute NYC: Experiences of Participants, Family Members, and Team Members” (November, 2018) at ISPS (panel, with Lavy, T., Cohen, E., and Wusinich, C.)